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Maths - Descent CD Album

Image of Maths - Descent CD Album


Following a bunch of self-released tapes and cd-rs, Holy Roar teamed up Maths with hardcores premier gutter-posterboys Throats for a split cd in June 2008. Almost a year and half later, after several set backs and a few more bassists, Maths have finally delivered their debut album. Conventionally structured into 12 songs, but flowing as a singular piece of music, any band that can put together such a wonderfully realized vision, from the comfort of their own homes, seriously deserved your attention YESTERDAY. 6 panel card wallet, art by Sam Dunn.

1) Belief In Sorrow
2) Culpa
3) Wilderness
4) Guarded
5) From Her Journal
6) Boundless
7) Sleep Deep
8) To Be Frozen
9) ……And Left To Die
10) This is Forever
11) Branches
12) Belief in Hope